So a couple days ago I got a free ticket to London! Which to me is crazy because I´ve always wanted to go to London! There are many places I’ve wanted to go to, and thank God I did. But this city is different because it’s connected to my father, he lived and studied in London. He talked a lot about it and would even make sandwiches that he ate there for us for breakfast. So I’m really happy to be able to finally see this city. Why I’m saying this is because to me this free ticket was a gift from God. I talk a lot about generosity, money, and to give because that opened doors for me that I couldn’t have imagined. I also want these doors to be opened for you. Many rich people say that the best way to make money is to invest, and I took that tip. However my investor isn’t a human but God, because who can be a better Giver than God. Anything I give with the intention of doing it for God even if it’s difficult to do, I always get it back ten folds. Whether it’s with money, a free ticket, good job opportunity, or even lessening the pain of an illness I have. So invest in good deeds and you will receive unimaginable rewards. 

We all discriminate against people. The homeless guy on the street with a bottle of beer, “If I give him money he will just buy another beer.”. The guy we see everyday in front of the store, “Can’t he get a job? Why is he always standing there instead of getting his life straight and getting a job.”. When I went to Turkey, honestly it was my first time seeing homeless kids running around begging for money or food. It was different from seeing them on TV or hearing the stories from others. I remember looking at the mom and not knowing what I should feel, honestly in a way I was mad at the mom. After reflecting on it and talking to them and to many other parents that were sitting around with their kids begging, I realized I had no right to judge or state my opinion. Many refugees ran away to Turkey, with no papers or anything. They aren’t able to buy a house or get a job, the government isn’t helping them. They had no choice but to beg. My heart broke for them and then I felt bad for any time I judged a homeless person, thinking they had the ability to do things differently. Maybe they do, but most of the time most of them have gotten so hurt that they gave up on life and just live day by day. And that’s enough reason to give, to help a person live another day is enough. This trip made me realize that no matter what opinion you have, or what excuses you give yourself, you should always give. Because when you do that you’re not helping them but helping yourself. You help yourself to stay a decent human being, and to learn to be humble and to know that you don’t know better. When you’re given the chance to help someone, that means God has given you a chance. A chance to erase bad deeds you’ve committed, a chance to fight your greed. A chance to get more than you gave, because God never gives less. Greed is an illness that makes the heart black and makes people not like to be around you. I’ve seen many old men that had so much money but had no sincere person around their deathbed. Ive seen many young people that didnt live their life because they always thought they are wasting money on something stupid. 

I realized greed had nothing to do with how much money you have, it’s something that you let yourself become. A lot of people don’t have that much money but welcome people to their house to eat. While there are a lot of people who have more than enough money but are stingy to buy you a meal. 

I have about 6 people in my life that taught me about money and generosity, my father, mother, mother-in-law, husband, and two guy friends named Max and Sahand. My father taught me how one can build something from nothing, he taught me the mindset of money, and also how money can ruin a person. My mother taught me to always give and to never let a guest leave your house hungry. She also taught me that a house that people love to come to is a house that God is protecting. My mother in law taught me how a woman can support a family all by herself and even do it better than any man. She taught me also to help people and that when you help others later people will help you and your family. She taught me how a woman can be so beautifully independent and supports not only her family but even strangers. My husband taught me how when you love someone you do your best to sustain them and make them happy, and how important it is to take care of the people around you. My friends Max and Sahand are the ones who when I think of generous friends always come to my mind. Max always pays for meals and always fights to pay the bill, same with Sahand. These are the people I look up to and they are the ones that I always think I can never pay back for their kindness and the things they have done for me. Especially my parents and mother in law. I always feel so lucky to be surrounded by kind people like these beautiful people, they always remind me to be a better person. That’s why it’s important to also surround yourself with people that love to give, because that will make you into one also. 

So next time you have an opportunity to help a friend, homeless person, family member, etc, do it. Do it even if you don’t want to do it because I promise you, you will help yourself more than you’ve helped the person. 

Don’t get used to making excuses for  yourself to not give, because then you will end up believing these excuses and achieving nothing. You then will only turn to a stingy or greedy person.

Remember to always surround yourself with good people because good people will turn you into one. 

Remember to always help your family and friends.

God always rewards you back double or more, never less than what you´ve given. You give a person a smile, you will see at least two people smile at you. You give someone 5 euros you will get back 10. God is the most Giver. 

And last but not least, remember that greed isn’t a financial symptom. 

Thank you so much for reading Adyan´s Blog! Have a terrific day:)


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