Since we’re all busy with our lives, working like machines, loving people and giving them our energy, and then sitting with ourselves either worrying about the future or hating the past. Today’s blog will be one that will help you reflect a bit with a few questions.

If you search for reflection questions the question would be, “Am I using my time wisely?” Which I didn’t really support, I think we ask ourselves that and then beat ourselves for it. 

Jordan Peterson talked about how our schedules should be ones that make us want to do it. And that your schedule shouldnt be difficult to do. When you are working on a project or assignment it would require about 20 hours a week to work on and let’s say you want your weekend free. Then you need to work on it 4 hours a day, if you write down from 10-2 I will work on my assignment. Most likely you won’t. Because that’s not motivating enough neither is it a good deal for you mentally. So split these 4 hours throughout the day, in your schedule in between times can be, “hang out with friend”, “drink coffee”, “clean”, “exercise”, “game”, etc. In between you put things you want to do. This schedule will be easier to follow. So the question is: 

Am I using my time in a way that motivates me and makes me productive and have fun at the same time?

Second question is:

 “Am I having negative thoughts before I go to sleep?”

This one actually is something many need to actually think about it. How you sleep decides how you wake up, and how you wake up will decide how you will do throughout the day. Trust me if you wake up in a shitty mood, your day will be shitty, and then you will go to sleep again with worries. Leading you to the same cycle over and over again. Which then long term wise will not be good for you, mentally you will be tired and lost. You will also lose focus with yourself, so take control and face your problems like a beast and CHANGE those thoughts. 

Third Question: Do I pay attention to my thoughts and feelings? Do I know why I feel a certain way, and think certain things?

If your answer is no, then from now on when you feel a certain way try to know why you’re feeling this way. “Why do I get annoyed when I’m working?”, maybe you didn’t eat well before and its hormones. Maybe the job is not a meaningful one. Explore your feelings and try to understand them.

Fourth Question: How are my social interactions?

Do I like to meet people? Or Do I prefer being alone and not interacting with people and sometimes not even friends? 

How you are socially can say a lot about you, whether you’re an introverted or extroverted, shy or outgoing, people pleaser, don’t have trust in people, attention seeker, afraid of attention etc. 

Fifth Question: What kind of friend am I?

Do you care for your friends? Do you make an effort to see them? Do you listen to them? Do you give more than you get? Do you not put in the effort and instead they do? Do you not meet them but expect them to meet you? 

Many in this question will say they are good friends, and honestly most will be wrong. A good friend isn’t something easy to be. I also thought that I was a good friend, but when I reflected deeply about it I realized some things I´m not. 

There is this quote that I love, “Some people just create magical moments in life. They are called friends.” I love it because it shows that how you are as a friend decides if you’re someone who spreads love or not. 

Sixth Question: Am I setting goals for myself? 

When you set goals for yourself then that means you know what you’re doing. But if you aren’t setting any goals and not achieving any goals that you’re setting, then sorry but that needs to change. Goals don’t need to be career wise, or money wise. They can be like, “I will try to be more understanding with my spouse.” Or “I will try to be a better friend to this person.” “I will not let situations out of my control stress me out.” Or even, “I will eat an apple every monday.” 

Just make sure you write things down that you should achieve and train yourself to achieve them. 

And the last question: Am I happy with myself?

Most of the problems one has is because they aren’t happy with themselves. Most bad traits one has is because they dislike themselves and then take it out on others instead. With arrogance, aggressiveness, cruelty, jealousy, rudeness, hypocrisy, etc. And this question is actually the most important one that you should try to ask yourself all the time and to answer it honestly. 

So I hope this post helped today. I thought why not give an assignment for today haha. Thank you so much for reading Adyans Blog. Don’t forget to like, comment, and subscribe! Have a great day!


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