I´ve always wondered with some people, “Why does he always meet these type of girls?”, “Why does that always happen to her?” “Why does she always encounter these situations?”. We all know at least one person where we wonder these questions about them. I think you guys know what I’m talking about. We all have something in our lives that always repeats whether it’s the type of friends we have, the people we date, repetitive betrayal, repetitive loss, etc. Something that is always happening that we are always expecting it to happen. These constant situations don’t repeat for no reason, they repeat because you either think that it will always repeat or that your energy attracts these kinds of situations. 

I watched “The Secret”, the other day on Netflix.Its a documentary that talks about the Law of Attraction. It was such a nice documentary, I recommend you guys to watch it. It will make you understand so many things differently and it will also answer some questions you already had. At least that’s what it did to me. I. It was definitely worth my time. I loved it so much, its the reason I´m writing this blog today. 

One of the things this documentary said is that the energy you give out is what you also receive. If you’re an angry person all the time, then you will always get situations that make you angry. If you’re a positive person, then usually positive things will happen to you more often. If you’re greedy, nothing will be enough. If you’re thankful, everything will be enough. The documentary explains this in the most beautiful way. I will try my best to summarize some things from it. 

The energy you give out either brings people closer to you, or farther away. If you’re someone who doesn’t like being around people, then people will not like being around you. If you’re someone who likes to party, you will have party people around you. If you’re someone who is into religion, people around you will be that of the same religion or belief of God.  These things don’t happen for no reason. The people that are also around you if you pay attention, they can all be different however have something in common. Whether it’s a good heart, nice, kind, competitive, sporty, party folks, knowledge folks, spiritual folks, etc. 

If you don’t like your surroundings then you need to change yourself in order for your surroundings to change. If you are tired of partying all the time and looking for something that is more meaningful, then you need to stop partying. You need to change your way of living and God (or universe for some people) will send you a surrounding that suits you. You will meet people based on the way you think and the energy you give out. God will always help you find people that help support your beliefs, He will also send you people that guide you, in order for that to happen you need to change yourself. 

Many successful people advise us to “visualize” ourselves. To visualize our future, the car we want, house we want, soulmate, dream job, etc. “Visualize” is an adult term for “imagination” in my opinion. Many answers are found in our imagination that is inside of us. The person you want to be can be found in your imagination, the job you want, the life you want, is it money or love you want, all these things are found in our imaginations. What we sit and fantasize about once in a while or what we use to imagine have a lot of answers for us. So pay attention to that, what did you use to fantasize about? What were your imaginations like? How did it change from past to the present? You will be surprised by what you will find. It will also have answers to some questions you have already about your life.

This documentary was emphasizing a lot on what a person thinks and how that affects their life. What you imagine or visualize is not very far away from you if you truly want it. The method that was used in the documentary is, “ask, visualize, receive”. You first need to ask God (or the universe) for what you want, you then need to visualize it almost everyday, you also need to believe that you already have it. With time God will be able to bring to reality, as long as you don’t give up on it. Just like in the fairytales, make a wish, dream about it, and it will come true. You can change your future with your mind and beliefs, you can also heal the past. 

“Imagination should be used not to escape reality, but to create it” – Collin Wilson. 

After watching this documentary, I went and grabbed my notebook. I sat in the kitchen with a pencil writing down important questions in my life. “What type of woman do I want to be? What are her characteristics and role in life? What job do I always imagine myself doing?” etc. I then answered all of them in the most honest way I can. After that I put this notebook on my working desk to look at these questions and remind myself. I remind myself of who I wish to be and what I want to achieve in this world everytime I sit on this desk. After a couple days these reminders were with me throughout the day. When I´m walking to work or back home, also while doing chores around the house. I remember the woman I want to be and do things that get me closer to that goal. 

You have more control of your life than you think. You can get to amazing places, if only you believe. Believe that the things you want will happen, that God has the power to answer your prayers and make them a reality. Try your best to always visualize the person you want to be and in no time you will become that person. Visualize the types of people you want around you, and God will send them to you. Just keep on imagining, keep on dreaming. It will take you to beautiful places my friends. Thank you so much for reading this! Please don´t forget to like, comment, and subscribe:) . Have a great day!


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