We make about seventy decisions and choices everyday. “What are we going to eat? Will we exercise? Should I text my friend Im mad at? Should I go to school?” All these questions and many more we use either the mind or heart to answer them. For example, “what will I eat today?”. You can follow your heart that’s craving chocolate and sweets, or you can listen to your brain that’s trying to tell you you need to lose weight and eat healthy. Its all about deciding when to use them.

I tend to follow my heart more. But lately I’ve been wondering if that’s good. Is that the right thing? We all ask ourselves that question right?. I would say follow your heart all the time, but why do we have a mind then? Why do we have a brain if were suppose to follow our hearts all the time?

The heart and mind are like the Yin Yang.The Yin Yang doesnt have a good or bad side, the meaning of the YinYang is that opposite forces are also complementary. They make up a whole. Just like the heart and mind, they make you who you are.

They both have the same goal, but a different route. There both there to help you. When the heart is in trouble, the mind gives an advice. When the mind is confused the heart reminds it of its goals and dreams.I wont tell you what to follow. What I am telling you is that make sure that you listen to both. Listen to the advices they give and decide between them. Make your decision based on both advices from the heart and brain. When you feel like the heart is right then follow it, and when the mind is then listen to it. This is a problem that you will live with your whole life. It’s a problem that every human being in the world has everyday.

 You will have to decide which one to follow based on the situation you are in. Sometimes you won’t be able to decide between them, I don’t blame you. It’s hard! Wanna know what I do? I simply just follow my heart when in doubt. So when you’re in doubt, decide right now which one you will follow. Will it be the mind or heart?


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