I watched a lecture a couple days ago and it was a lecture about Rumi. He’s a philosopher and islamic scholar that is known around the whole world. The quotes and poems he wrote all had something in common, “in order to find God you need to find yourself”. Knowing who you are, what your qualities are, personality, morals, etc, makes it easier to seek God. Everyone has an image of who Allah (swt), God, is and that image usually comes from within them. The ones who think God is harsh, are harsh either to themselves or others, and the ones who think God’s mercy beats everything are usually merciful people, and the ones who don’t know themselves don’t know who God is. 

Rumi said that our souls will never be satisfied, for this world is not its place. I thought a lot about this and in the end it made sense. We seek happiness, love, wealth, etc, but are most of the time never satisfied. The soul has a different melody and things that satisfy it, while the mind and body has something else. What I learned from him is that the one seeking only the afterlife and the one seeking only this world are both making a mistake. The answer is in between. To mix the two worlds, to be there and to be here. Neglecting one of the worlds makes one lost. We are here for a reason and each person has a different role he or she plays. What matters is that at the end of the day everything we do comes from goodness. That will make you go to sleep at the end of the day soundly, and if God decides that you should leave this world, you will also then leave it in peace. 

With that said, doesn’t mean that you are not allowed to make mistakes, you should make mistakes and that’s what we were created for but you should learn from each mistake you make and try to go a step further. Each mistake, problem, conflict, depending on how it’s handled decides a different path for you. So try to always make the best out of them. We all have habits or are doing something we wish we can stop. The first step is to accept that this is wrong, and then from there you can take your time to fix it. 

What I also learned from him is that in this world one will need to struggle to find himself, it’s not easy but after you find yourself you will then find God and that will give you directions and guide you in this world where your soul, body, and mind will be able to live in peace, and die in peace. It’s really true when they say the answer is within you, all the answers are within you but you need to give yourself a chance to try to find them and understand them. 

What I really am trying to say is don’t neglect yourself, don’t ignore your actions, emotions, and thoughts. They all are trying to tell you something. Try to listen to yourself as you listen to others, try to understand yourself as you try to understand others, for that will open a whole new world for you. This world is honestly short and we spend years wasting time and as we grow older we would then wish we did a bit better. So focus on yourself and your journey, try to find out what your meaning in life is, find yourself in order to find God, and then when you see the signs don’t ignore them and try to accept them with your heart. 

Thank you so much for reading Adyans Blog today! Today was just a short small reminder. I hope that it helped! Have a great day:)


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