In our twenties or thirties we were dragged into thinking what career to have when actually that should be the time we think about what life we want to have. Instead of asking us “What do you want to be?”, they should ask, “What kind of person do you want to be?” 

They tell us to put the time and effort into getting a job or degree instead of telling us to think about how we want to spend our time throughout the day or week. 

They teach us that earning and saving money is so important but they don’t teach the importance of giving and generosity. 

They tell us to save but don’t tell us to live. 

They teach us that wealth is a lot of money, but they don’t tell us that wealth is actually a mindset and has nothing to do with money. 

We’re told to chase money and try our best to make a lot of it, but no one tells us that actually money will always come as long as we are doing our best and don’t be so attached to it. 

I asked myself many questions the past few months and after sometime these were my answers. 

“ My free time is more important than making money.” I realized that actually more than wanting money I want that I have time to do everything as I want without stress. I want my weekends to be completely free where it’s my time to do anything I want whenever I want. I also realized I don’t want a job that I have to bring home with me. When I’m at home I want to be able to cook, clean, read, write, have friends over, chill etc, without the pressure that I have to get something done. I also don’t like working late,I’d rather wake up early and come back home early. I realized I like self employed jobs more because you can decide your time with it. 

“I still am not sure what I want to do as a career.” This answer actually for many can be an annoying answer or even a stressful one. However with this answer I kind of felt free because I now know the answer will come at the right time. Now is my time to organize my life and thoughts, discover who I want to be more than what career I want to have. So now I will be grateful for what God gives me and learn from every experience. I will try to do my best and when I do that, the best will come. 

“Always give.” This one actually I love the most because it’s the most beautiful one. I truly believe that whatever you give you get back tenfold and that giving is one of the best medicines for the heart. Giving gives you a small sense of happiness that is unexplainable, at the same time it cleanses your heart and teaches you to have faith. So always give even when you don’t have enough. Don’t ever think that you lost something. You never lose when you give, you always get back more. Generosity works wonders and sometimes it opens doors to you from above that you never thought of. 

“I want to be able to spend a lot of time with my kids.” I realized a mother role is more important to me than having a successful career that takes a lot of my time away. 

“Money will always come.” Money is not something a person should chase, when you chase money you then chase away yourself. Instead chase yourself and money will chase you. 

“Wealth is a mindset.” Many people are rich but aren’t happy. Many have a nice car, nice house, clothes, food, etc, but aren’t happy.  Why? Because they think they need more. When you think that you need more and can’t be happy with what you have then you will chase more and get more, but will still not be happy with yourself. Gratitude is the solution to this problem. Always believe that what you have is beautiful, be thankful for it, and think that when you have this now later you will have better but have learned to appreciate it. 

“Live your life.” Don’t waste your life by stopping yourself from doing things because you don’t want to spend the time and money to do so. Live your life, buy the things you like, go out where you like, travel, wear nice clothes, because a time will come where you will not  have as much free time as you have now. 

Reflect upon what you’re doing, ask yourself questions about life outside the workforce and ponder upon your answers. Don’t rush into getting a degree but think truly of what you want, and if you don’t have the answer then give it time. Do your best, work, be kind, educate yourself, but don’t rush into entering something because of worldly or family pressure. Take the time to know yourself before labeling yourself as a career. At the same time don’t ever let a career label you. Wealth and the education you have doesnt label you. Don’t think that when you have this amount of money you will be somebody, or when you have that degree. Don’t forget to go out with friends and have fun, to sit with family and laugh, or to book that flight to Paris haha. Enjoy your life for you only will live it once and trust me there isn’t as much time as we think. At the same time, time passes by so quickly and sometimes we look back and see that we didn’t even do anything out of our routine. Then we ask ourselves why we aren’t happy. So always do things out of your routine. Be kind to yourself and be kind to people. Help people out and God will help you out. So I hope that today you will sit down with yourself and reflect upon the essences of life. 

Let’s get through life together! Thank you so much for reading Adyans Blog! Have an amazing week!:)


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