There are many people in the world searching for the right path. The path that makes them the best version of who they are. They start searching, whether it’s for a certain religion or a way of life, when they find it they then start to study it. Why is this the “best” path? What makes it the best path? For some, money makes them the best, the more money the better you are than most people. Others it’s a career, for example politician, he can make laws and decide on important matters. Or a doctor who can change the fate of someone and keep them alive. And lastly for some it’s religion, obeying the command of God trying to be the best slave, servant, child, etc. The question is, what makes you the best? Do you need to be the best? And following the best way…does that make you the best person? 

When one starts looking for the best and trying to be the best, what comes afterwards is the real challenge. How one uses the knowledge they got. How does one look at him or herself? Thinking they are better than other people? Or..that following the best makes them know that actually…”you’re just a human like other humans and will always be making a mistake”. You can have found the best path but from the way you use it, it can make you one of the worst people. It can be a perfect path but the way a person follows it can turn them into a monster. 

There is a beautiful quote from Leo Tolstoy, he says, “An arrogant person considers himself perfect. This is the chief harm of arrogance. It interferes with a person’s main task in life, becoming a better person.” The best people are the ones who are always trying to get better knowing that they can never be the best of the people. We are all humans and we will live and die making mistakes. That’s just what a human is, a human will never be intelligent enough to know everything. There will always be something you don’t know and someone that knows it better. Don’t think that you are smart enough to look down on people, that makes you the dumbest of all. If you are a smart person then you will be smart enough to know that everyone has knowledge you don’t have. That people can’t all be compared because we are all different. Like flowers, there are alot of different kinds of flowers and they all grow up in a different atmosphere that shapes them. You can’t tell a rose to be a dandelion. 

Islam is a religion known as the religion of peace, and its also a religion that many target as a religion that is a threat or dangerous. Islam is a religion of peace and its book is a peaceful book but what people interpreted from it without any knowledge made it a targetted religion. Now people can´t differentiate between Islam and Muslims. ISIS is not Islam, its just a bunch of terrorist group that think they are doing the best and will be the best of the people in the Hereafter. All this is because of their own evilness and arrogance. Not because of Islam but because of their own interpretation that comes from arrogance and evilness. This is one example where a person has taken a perfect religion and became a monster.

Many people are trying to do good, to be good. The one thing that ruins the good you do is when you start thinking that you are better than other people. Not only that makes you worse

than other people, it also ruins the deed you’re doing. If you’re doing a good deed but looking down or judging others then that deed becomes a sin. Arrogance is way worse than ignorance because ignorance is a lack of knowledge. Arrogance on the other hand is using knowledge to look down on others. Knowledge is something we can all get, we all should strive to be more knowledgeable, however there are things that God waits for the right time to give to you. Because maybe this piece of knowledge, if given too soon can destroy you. Practice what you know, become the best at that. Develop your mind and heart first. Make sure that the heart is ready to take in anything and is still humble. Knowledge and humbleness are one of the most beautiful characteristics combined, while knowledge and arrogance combined makes the ugliest people. 

Keep in mind that arrogance is a trait that will always be with you. You will need to fight it all the time and sometimes you will fail, that’s okay. Just keep on fighting to become better and more humble. Be confident with who you are but not arrogant. Confidence is when you know yourself and are proud of it, while pulling other people up. Arrogant is when you’re too proud of yourself that you look down on others.  We all have a bit of arrogance in us and that’s okay as long as we always try to fight it. We all make mistakes, we all judge people sometimes, we all have flaws in us and that’s what makes us humans. What one must keep in mind is that we are all going through the same fight and instead of hurting people try to pull people up. Who knows…maybe that an act of kindness gives someone strength to keep going. So always be kind no matter what the situation is. Thank you so much for reading Adyan´s Blog! Please subscribe to my website. Have a kindful day today:)


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