The most difficult kind of pain in the world is losing a loved one. Someone you loved and cherished passing away will break you to a thousand pieces. It will feel like your limbs are getting torn apart. Your heart will feel heavy and tight, you will feel like you’re suffocating and can’t breathe.  It will hurt so much that sometimes you don’t feel anything. Or it will hurt so much because of everything you’re feeling. The unbearable pain that has no solution but to try to bear up with it. Losing a loved one has no solution, because there is no solution for death. When someone is gone, they are gone. No matter where we look around us we won’t find them, instead we will see memories of them around us. We will remember where they used to sit, eat, play, chill, watch tv, etc. We will remember the feelings they left behind, how they used to make us feel. We will either remember their sadness they left behind, or the happiness. Death is difficult for the one living. 

I used to think that death is like a curse. That it’s so painful that it’s a curse. That burying someone is so scary it’s a curse. However, death is a truth that no one can deny. We all know that we will eventually die. It’s something we can’t avoid. Because it’s something real, unavoidable, then that means it’s meant to teach us something. Even though death takes away lives, the message of death is the opposite. It’s meant to show us how to live. Without death we wouldn’t know the meaning of life. We know that death is real and that we will leave  this world, so it makes us think of what we want to leave behind in this world. 

There are many different views of what happens after death and depending on which view you believe in, you will live through that. If you believe in heaven and hell, you will try to live in order to enter heaven. You will try to be a good person in this world in order to go to a good place afterwards. This is one of the reasons why death is a blessing. Another reason is that death teaches you the value of people around you. When you lose someone you love, you will learn to appreciate the people you love that are alive . You will be thankful and will make sure to let them know you love them. Death can teach us to appreciate the small things in life. The blessing that we are able to wake up, have a roof over us, food, friends, family, etc. That we are able to enjoy a cup of coffee, or hang out with friends. When we learn to be more thankful, then that is the biggest blessing. For then we will live happily with what we have. 

We can’t deny that death is a scary thing, we can’t deny that we are afraid of dying. However this fear is what keeps us moving sometimes, with the fact that tomorrow is not guaranteed, we try to live the best way we can. That’s why I believe that death is a blessing and not a curse, for it teaches us how to live. 

“Life asked Death, “Why is it that people love me and hate you? Death answered, “For you are a beautiful lie and I am a painful truth.”” 

“Death is not the opposite of life, but a part of it.” Haruki Murakami 

This whole blog can be summarized with just these two quotes. Death is a painful truth, it’s scary. However death gives meaning to our lives. Death teaches us how to live. I will end this blog by giving my condolences for anyone who lost a loved one. Sorry for your loss and May they Rest In Peace. Sorry that you need to go through this pain, sorry that it hurts. Sorry that you wish it’s a dream and it’s too hard to believe. I’m sorry for anyone going through this. May God give you strength. 

Austin Romine I hope you Rest In Peace, you were an amazing person. Your smile cheered many people up. Your kindness made so many people happy. I pray that you are in a better place and resting in peace. I hope to see you again, Rest In Peace my friend.


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