People should take more breaks, more coffee breaks, walking breaks, eating chocolate breaks, just take time to breath break. I believe we all don’t take enough breaks and that’s awful. We rush too much, overwork ourselves, don’t enjoy the moment, and are overly stressed. However if we took the time to give ourselves a break, a simple pause, then we will enjoy moments and be less stressed. We just need to unplug ourselves for a few minutes, to work better. 

Today’s blog won’t be long, today is just a simple reminder for you that won’t take much of your time. Take a break. Take a lot of breaks. You deserve it. Don’t let this world rush you and stress you that you don’t have time to look after yourself. Take a nice break from work, take a break from studying, take a break from cleaning, take a break from cooking, take a break from watching tv, take a break from being at home. Just give yourself a break. 

Taking breaks doesn’t mean that each break is just an eating break, no. Take different kinds of breaks throughout the day. For example if you’re cleaning the house all day, take a small coffee break, breath. If you’re watching tv all the time, take a walking break, breath. If you’re studying all day, take a mini video break, breath. Take different kinds of breaks and relax. Let your focus on something else, try to clear your mind, and just remember to breathe. You’re doing great and you deserve to have a moment with yourself and not be dragged your whole day with chores, errands, studies, and work. 

I actually never leave work without drinking my coffee on the balcony, and there are times where I am a bit late. However I know I will be working and wont have a break anytime soon, so I make sure to always do that everyday. I make sure I do that everyday, because when I drink coffee on the balcony that’s the only time my mind is relaxed and getting awake, and that is more important than being a couple minutes late to work. (By the way, I make sure I wake up on time where I don’t have the stress of being late. But sometimes the snooze button ruins things) So create a habitual break for yourself that you’re committed to everyday. Do it no matter what. With time you will give yourself more breaks but you will also work/be awake better. When you take care of yourself your matters will also be taken care of. I will end this blog with a quote from Anne Lamott, which I like, “Almost everything will work again if you unplug it for a few minutes, including you.” Like a computer that always works better when you unplug it for a few minutes, make sure you do the same to yourself.


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