So it´s New Years!! Happy New Year to everyone! Hope this year will be better than 2020. I’m pretty sure that everyone had a hard time with Corona. However, as long as you’re safe and healthy, it’s enough to be grateful.

Every New Years most people tend to make some resolutions. “I will lose weight this year, I will not eat sugar, I will go to Mexico, I will quit drinking and smoking” etc. Changes that we know would make us feel better if we realized them. But why is it that every year I write the same ones over and over again? Why can’t I fulfil them?

I´ll tell you why… because I dont have a plan. Saying this is what I want to do won’t really make you do it. Without a plan, you can not achieve your goal.

To fulfil your New Years resolution, first of all you need to focus on smaller steps that can help you to achieve the bigger goal. If you want to lose weight, write down something you can change that will help you lose weight. For example:

I will lose weight this year can be changed to smaller steps like “I will not drink sugary drinks and eat sugary food everyday, I will only eat them on the weekend” This can help you achieve your goal better and is easier to follow because you don’t need to restrain yourself completely.

I will quit drinking can be changed to I will not drink Monday and Thursday. Which will then help you slowly to quit drinking. When you can be a day without it, step by step, you can be a week, month, and even years without it.

You can also write and verbalise the smaller steps that help you to achieve your big goals. Step by step each year, you will see better changes.

As Peter Cohen says, “There is no one giant step that does it, it’s a lot of little steps.” Keep that in mind this year when you’re writing down your resolutions. Don’t write the giant step, write some little steps that will help you get to that giant step. Don’t be hard on yourself, as long as you’re walking or even crawling you will achieve your goals, it’s all just about taking that first step.

I’m very into skincare. I always buy a bunch of creams and cosmetics. Its an addiction. What was also an addiction is that I used to always search for creams that say results will show quickly. With the years I realised that these are the most shitty products. They make your skin feel good at the moment, however, they don’t really do anything. Just a cheap marketing strategy to sell products. Nothing can be achieved quickly, or to be more exact, nothing that lasts can be achieved quickly. If you want something that is real, that lasts, then you have to work hard step by step to achieve it. This is harder, since it requires an attribute which represents the essence of all of the little single steps towards a goal: consistency.

Consistency is the glue that connects the small steps together. Without consistency you can’t ever go up or forward. If you have self discipline and determination, you will be able to stay consistent. And when you feel your energy level is going down, it might actually be helpful to take a look at your actual goal at this point. Allow yourself in these situation to taste the imagination of actually reaching your goal. Feel the success. Derive energy from this imagination. And when you feel better, get back on track and focus on the little steps. Even if you mess up, try again and again. Be consistent with trying even after you mess up – because this itself will help you go up the stairs.

This year be more patient with yourself. Take small steps, pay attention to consistency and you will have results that last longer- perhaps even forever. Write down the steps you need to take and not only the goal. Hope this year will be a productive, safe, full of health, and joyful one. Thank you for reading Adyan´s Blog. Let get through life together ❤


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