Each human being has a mind that thinks and creates. Our mind creates ideas over 50 times a day. Sometimes they are unique ideas that can change our lives. But it won’t change anything just by thinking about it. You have to act upon it. You have to work on it. You have to have the courage to start and actually START. We waste so much time. On Instagram, snapchat, Twitter, etc. Almost 2 hours a day are wasted on these apps. These apps that actually don’t make us happy. Just temporarily satisfaction. Later we feel awful. We feel worthless. We compare ourselves to people on social media. Then we waste time to work on ourselves. But if we use these two hours. To work on our ideas. To work on ourselves. To give it a try. Who knows what will happen to our lives? What we will achieve? Even if it fails. You will learn the biggest and hardest lessons of all, and that is to have the courage to start. Many have lost and are losing their chances. Because of one thing, not having the courage to start.

I’m working on a online cosmetic business. A little bit different than others. It’s mostly oils. Natural oils for the skin. Two days ago I gave up on it. I thought, I will get no where with this. I won’t have a lot of money, I will most likely lose a lot of money for a failed project. “No one will buy, no one will even click on the site, how will I be known? How can I take pictures? How will I make ads?”etc. Thousand of questions. It’s hard, it’s hard to believe in yourself. It’s hard to do something different all by yourself. It’s hard to go through risks. But we will never find out what we actually are capable of, if we don’t face our fears. If we don’t go for it. If we don’t give it a try. We won’t grow, we won’t learn, and we won’t succeed at all. Success isn’t making a lot of money. Success is being able to be happy with who you are, what you stand for, and how you pushed yourself. 

It’s easy to make excuses. It’s easy to give up. It’s easy not to try. It’s easy to talk yourself out of it. All these things are easy and for people who don’t believe in themselves. For people who are afraid. We are all guilty of this. However we shouldn’t stick with this for too long. We shouldn’t always do that when we know it’s fear. We have to pick ourselves up, because most people will bring you down, mostly people will project their fear on you. People think they can’t do it so they will tell you you can’t do it. People tend to look only at the negative when a situation of change and risk is involved. In my opinion, don’t ask people for their opinions. Don’t ask, “Should I do that? Is this idea nice?”, because if you don’t think it’s nice you wouldn’t have thought of it. So you don’t need other people’s opinion. You just need yourself and you need to push yourself. In the past I’ve met many people with great mindsets and ideas. They had nice plans. Some gave it a try and it worked, but then they wanted to do something else. Which means that the trying they did, lead them to do something better and with more love. Some tried and succeeded tremendously. Some failed but tried again and succeeded. But I also met people, who were just talk. They just talked but didn’t believe in themselves. They didn’t give it a try. Even though some of those peoples ideas, we’re even better than the ones that tried in my opinion. But in the end they failed. The ones that tried won. Why? Because they didn’t have the courage. They didn’t have the confidence. They only focused on the negative outcomes that can happen. 

Don’t ever not start. Don’t fail before even starting. Give it a try. Let go of your fear. See where the road will take you. Giving something a try, having the courage to start, it will ALWAYS be good for you. It will teach you the best lessons. It will give you the courage to make new ideas. It will make you learn from mistakes that then will help you achieve your goals. 

This year was difficult for everyone. But we all learned how precious time is. How it is not meant to be wasted. We got a big break this year to do nothing. A new year is about to knock on our door. This year give your ideas a chance. The project you had in mind, the boy or girl you wanted to ask out, the mother you wanted to tell you truly love, or the parent you wanted to forgive, or the friends you wanted to let go of, or the friends you didn’t want to let go of, the styles you wanted to try, the religion you wanted to explore, the person you want to be, the person you don’t want to be, give it all a try. Have the courage to work on yourself. Have the courage to face challenges. Have the courage to be you. May this new year be filled with miracles, happiness, risks, faith, and courage. 


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