We all know the story of Little Red Riding Hood, the girl who meets the wolf. Her mother keeps telling her not to talk to strangers or else bad things will happen. A bad thing did happen, she met the wolf who wanted to eat her and her grandma. I understand why this was made for kids, I think its good.

Lately I learned, that we are all Little Red Riding Hood, and we all have a wolf inside of us. Unlike the fairytale, we are suppose to go out and meet the wolf. We shouldn’t be afraid of him. We shouldn’t be afraid of our thoughts and feelings. Because they are part of us. It might not be as scary as we think. However being scared of facing our fear, emotions, and thoughts….this will make us miserable.

Lately I’ve been afraid of myself, I don’t really know why. Maybe too many thoughts. These thoughts…I’m afraid to sit with myself and listen to them. Id rather just numb the feeling and bear it down, thinking I’m not ready for this, I don’t need to do this now. Then this cycle goes on and on. I became more miserable. But then I decided to meet the wolf, and it wasn’t as I expected it to be. It wasn’t mean, it was just honest. It wasn’t unkind, it believed in fairness and justice. I started paying attention more to things and realised who are the people I want in my life. Who do I want to learn from, who do I want to be like, and on. Then I started looking at present, was it as I expected it to be? Will my future be as I plan? The answers are no. But I will keep moving to see, what will happen from my plan and what does God have in plan for me.

Don’t be afraid of the wolf, that wolf is better than other people who you trust yourself with. Learn to trust yourself and face yourself. Even if you are full of flaws. Meet the wolf, accept him, and decide what will you do with that side of yours and what will you accomplish together. To be afraid to face yourself and your feelings, means you are afraid to move forward.


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