There are many people in the world who left their family and loved ones

We tend to think, Why did they do that? 

Some people think they are just ungrateful people

Usually the bad people are the ones who left

In the eyes of many that look at the story or part of the story

The people that leave us have a story though

A story that can’t be seen with eyes and ears

Nor can we touch it or put our finger on it

We don’t leave because we don’t love

We leave because we don’t feel the love

Thats something many need to keep in mind

Many people that leave are in search for love

Sometimes they were in a place that didn’t show enough love to them

Maybe in the eyes of others, that was more than love

But maybe to them it wasn’t love or enough love

Or maybe there was too much pain

Pain that many can’t see because its hidden in the face with smiles

We shouldn’t judge people and underestimate them

Because ones pain is hard to understand 

We never really know what is inside the head 

Some things might seem small and stupid

Some things can seem not understandable

The problem comes when we think we know

Why couldn’t this person bear up with this?

We simply can’t  judge, not with eyes, not with the mind, not with anything

Who are we to judge other peoples feelings and pain?

Each person has his own story

His own pain that shaped him

His own wounds that scarred him

And we will never be able to fully understand the story

We can try our best to, but we should never look down

Because if you look down on it

Then it’ll prove that this person was right                                                                                                                He was right to leave, he was right with his judgement

This person needed love and affection

And that is not something that should be looked down on

We shouldn’t underestimate that

Love is the most beautiful thing in the world.                                                                                                              We are all seekers of love

And there are people that need it more than others

So the people that leave us are hurt people

People that are in search for love

And to get these people back we need to readdress love

We need to look at what we did, what we missed.

Ego makes us seem like we did our best, we did what’s right

But when we are able to put ego aside and look at things differently

Then we will be able to see where our mistakes were

Everyone makes mistakes, that’s what’s special about humans

But seeing yourself as someone who doesn’t or didn’t make a mistake

Thats the big problem, and that’s what makes you lose people.

Not everyone that leaves you left for a good cause

But when its your family or dear friends

Don’t put on the mask of “I was good and he left”

Because that is ego, that is the death of love

When the people that left you are dear to you

Address the mistake, address the love 

And you will be able to understand a little more

You can’t bring back loved one with ego

That will just push them away

And if they really don’t matter

Then its okay to be the “good guy” in the story

Because in that case its reputation and dignity

Over your love for them and that was….

Your choice….



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