There was a wild young girl

In my family circle 

She caused quite big problems

She broke regular customs

And took a different way

To many she was astray…

With her troubled young mind 

She tried so hard to find

Her own little path

That she can surpass

She did not want to follow

What her parents had said though

Do not go to that forest

It is dark and dangerous

You will be filled with sorrow

Inside her a soft voice 

Was always calling

Listen to your own choice

My young little darling

She smiled at the big world

Said: I will not be burned!

Even though it was bitter

And it really hurt her

Through experience she learned

Quiet crying and a beautiful smile 

Those she said.. are life’s most cruel trials

Beautiful blessing to live

Truly difficult sometimes 

As long as she is alive

She will always aim for the skies

No matter what the world holds

The blooming flower still grows

Her family however…

Didn’t really withstand

That was the true Terror

Family misunderstands..

They didn’t see behind the young smile

For she hid darkness for a while

Nor did they see behind the eyes

For there was a world inside her 

A mysterious forest lies….

I knew this curious young girl

I saw her in front of mirror

However today she is gone 

The small curious young one

She lost the pure sincere smile 

Its going to take a while

Now the eyes see no forest

But see only complete darkness

But deep down there is a voice

Voice that is calling back

Oh my Darling Rejoice 

And do not Overwhelm

The smile will come back

And its you to thank


2 thoughts on “Poem: The Girl behind the Smile

  1. Sometimes we forget that there are people who hurt them, but these people still love us and still remember the beautiful days that we spent together, but sometimes also, moving away is a beautiful thing because everyone has a wound inside of it from the other side. But there is always a place for the people we love from friends from his family etc. But can everyone take a second chance? Or to return the same place in someone’s heart? There is, but will be, to a lesser degree than before


    1. You’re right we forget that they are people that still love us…but sometimes in comparison to them we remember the good more than they do. Because if they the one who hurt us, don’t even admit to hurting us, and also don’t forgive us for trying to heal from their wounds then…they are the ones who didn’t give us a place anymore.
      And Life is ups and downs. True maybe it’ll be a lesser degree to them, but maybe to us its a bigger degree than before. We need to learn to move on. Friends and family are a huge aspect of life but it needs to be mutual. And if they need time…or we need time..we should give it to them and they give it to us. Wounds heal. Memories aren’t forgotten but we grow. We can’t stay in this victim role because our family and friends don’t love us, or because we will never have a good relationship anymore. We need to believe in God, love, hope, and ourselves.


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