While walking in the path of life, you make a ton of stops. Some stops last longer than others. There are stops that change you, scar you, shape you, test you, and some merely just teach you.
In the end the stops you decide to be a destination create your path in life. There will be stops you dislike. Thinking its not worth stopping and wasting time. Like the stops of evil, drama, envy, etc.

Lets go through the three main stops in life. The stop of friendship, family, and love. That usually turn into a destination. A core in our life. However sometimes they arent. Sometimes they are just a stop we keep stopping at in life. In the end its our decision what to make a core and not.
The stop of Friendship you will always come across. Meeting different people. The stop of friendship is beautiful because at times you have others walking with you down the path. However sometimes while walking they decide to stop on one of the stops and change paths. Thats okay. It was beautiful while it lasted. You will come across another friendship stop. Other times we turn some of the friendship stops into destinations. A destination we visit when sad, happy, lost, broken, or for no reason even.
The stop of family is the most complicated. Its a stop that where you always meet the same people and destined with them. Its the most beautiful yet most difficult one. Its the one that shapes us the most. We sometimes come across the family stop at busy times. Not knowing what to do. Stay at the stop longer or move on and visit again? We sacrifice the most for this stop. We spend most time in this stop.
This stop is usually the one that helps you decide what path to take. Whether its for this stop or against this stop.
To me family has always been the definition of forever. However as you go down the path, the definition of “family” and “forever” change. Your family will always be forever. By blood. By blood means that sometimes the pain will be bloody. You will cry bloody tears. Sometimes its a bloody love even….
When that happens its not easy to heal. Its not easy to walk. Its not easy to talk. You become lost not knowing what to do. Keep walking and change the stop for a time being or stay at the stop bearing the pain?
Family problems are the core of universal problems. Whats begins in families shapes a generation and a society.
If you’re family is alcoholic. Addicted. Teaching laziness, hopelessness, and sadness. The kids will be best at that. Most knowledgeable about alcohol and hopelessness. If your family is loving. Love God. Love helping. The kids will be best at that making everyone else around them happy. If your family is all about knowledge. They will succeed in raising knowledgeable kids that will spread knowledge. Slowly these chains of families shape society. This is why society isnt always right. Its just what the normal and majority do. What was passed down the years. Not everyones society fits them personally. So its okay to get up and change your society. Find what fits you the most and make that place your society.
The stop of a love relationship is similar to the family one. The difference is you make the choice of who the person will be. Depending on the person it will either be a beautiful stop or not. Rememeber that this stop is your choice only. No one is allowed to tell you who you decide the person will be. Decide for yourself. Everyone’s love story is different. What others preach isnt always the truth. Its “their” truth. Not yours. You define love and everyone has their own definition of it. Respect that but dont change your definition because another person thinks differently. Believe in love. Just like how a person can love God his or her whole life. God can send you a person to love your whole life. Remember the choice is yours, and remember sometimes we dont make the right choices. Its okay. We can just make another better choice. But sometimes your choice is the right one. What you believe in inside your heart, follow it. So that later you dont regret it. Thinking “I should’ve chosen this person”.

There are many stops in life. The stop of promises, trust, pain, happiness, etc. Decide what stops to turn into a desitination. This is your path. Shape it as you want. Its your game. This game of life.

Best wishes,
Adian AbdulRazaq


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