There’s a famous Chinese proverb that says “When the wind of change blows, some build walls others build windmills.”

There are times in life where change knocks on our door. Giving us a chance to change our life. That opportunity can be beautiful yet very scary. Because it’s scary many don’t take the opportunity to change. Fear controls them. Making them build walls and blocking the opportunities that are knocking on them. Life is full of opportunities. However, its about the opportunities we take that change us and our life. Change is constant. That’s inevitable. You can’t deny it. If you do then you’re living under a rock. Not learning about yourself and the world around you. You need to change and accept change in order to learn. Just like how when you have a baby, as it grows older you can’t keep treating it as a baby. Ithe keeps growing and changing and as it is you also need to change your behavior towards them. You grow with them. That’s how change is. You grow with it.

Why many dont accept or want change is because of the past. What scares us the most is repeating past experience. You don’t want to change because you’re afraid of what happened two years ago will happen again. Like for example relationships. Most people are hurt from past relationships that they don’t allow anyone else in anymore. Fearing that just like the past person did, they will also hurt, lie, betray, and leave. I don’t blame you. Its normal to feel and think that way. We’re humans with emotions and it’s okay to feel that way. I’m guilty of it too. However how long will you stay like this? How long will you keep thinking that people are all bad like your ex?

Allow new people in. Trust me. Even if they turn out bad as your past friends and exes. It’s okay. You’ll just know more about yourself. How strong and kind you are. Unlike others you’re loyal.  Plus who knows? They might be amazing people. People that will last forever in your life. That’s why when it comes to people try to allow them in. Either way it’s good. Why? You’ll learn more about yourself. Second you’ll know if this person is worth keeping or not. Lastly you’ll learn to be patient. People teach us the biggest lessons. So always welcome people.

Next time the wind  of change blows make sure you’re building a windmill. Don’t build walls. Allow it in no matter the reason. Because it’ll either teach you a lesson or change your life to the better. Either way it’s a good thing. Don’t be afraid. It’ll all work out. Just don’t be scared and  give it a try;) I think I need to practice what I preach today haha. I’m saying all this but guilty of it too. Howeverrr me is trying:) You try too:)

Have a great day and may the odds be ever in your favor!:)




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