Do you ever plan something, and for whatever reason it doesn’t work out? Like I had this whole plan of becoming a dentist for like three years. To me the prettiest thing about a person is their smile. It made me sad that there are people that don’t like their teeth, so they don’t smile. That was my reason to be a dentist. To make people happy and confident with their smile. However, the moment I entered college, I was like “Nope, not doing this” Why? Because I didn’t really like the fact that I can’t talk to the patients. Also I just realized it wasnt my thing. My heart didnt race and I wasn’t happy. So I tried to find out whats meant for me. I volunteered at a hospital, my job was to play with the kids that have cancer. LOVED IT SO MUCH. One day there was a kid I was talking to, he was telling me how nice his nurse is. The moment she came into the room there was a smile on his face. He was so happy to see her. She smiled and told him how amazing his progress is. Then the nurse started asking him other questions like, “So…did you meet a nice girl yet?;)” He laughed shyly and said “No, hopefully I will when I get out of here.” The nurse comforted him and told him he’ll be cured and find a nice girl. He hugged her before she left. That day I decided to be a nurse. My heart knew it. The moment I said it to myself, my heart started beating faster. For no reason there was a smile on my face. That day I decided that everytime I make a decision I need to get my hearts approval. That I’ll never settle for anything less.

If you haven’t found something that makes your heart beat faster. That makes you excited and happy. You wake up looking forward to it. Then dont settle for anything less. Keep searching. Look for the things that make you happy. Whether its a partner, what you want to study or a career. Make sure you’re heart wants it. If its taking you a long time to find it, that’s okay. Because God has a plan. Your time will come. You will find that spark:) Until then don’t give up, enjoy everyday as if there is no tomorrow. Life itself is a journey. So keep exploring, learning, and loving. Don’t give up because of the time it takes. Because in the end it’ll be worth it. It might take some time, but it’ll be years of happiness ahead of you doing something you love. “Spark your heart.”

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