So the other day my car broke down in the middle of nowhere, at first I was mad. I was like “REALLY?!?! NOW?!?!” I remember hitting the steering wheel like five times until my hands started hurting. I calmed down, and was like “Okay God, I understand, there has to be a reason why this car stopped RIGHT HERE!!!” Went back to being mad…….and then calmed down again. Without realizing it I went and knocked on the house near by. The guy was a mechanic, he said he can fix it but it’s gonna take a while. I was fine with that, as long as I can get back on the road! I started a conversation with him, he was a disabled veteran, he quit the military after three years of serving. He told me many sad and happy stories about the time when he served. But he summarized everything when he said these words, ” I didn’t believe in the suffering of people and I didn’t believe what I was doing was right” but then after a while he said “I wish I could’ve stayed in the military because then I wouldve been able to pay for my family.” That hit me, he was willing to do something he thought was wrong just to help the people he loved live. He would sacrifice himself for his family. I respected that but it also gave me a sad feeling that I couldnt explain. So we sat and talked, and then I got thirsty so I went to buy us some cold drinks. I went to the car and that’s when I realized I forgot my purse. This time though……I smiled, closed the door, and looked up at the sky and said “God, who, or what am I about to see?” I ran to look for a restaurant that would give me free water. I entered a small Hispanic Restaurant near my dad’s old dealership. I use to go in there all the time!!! I would buy small donuts from them. They would talk and laugh with me all the time. I remembered the feeling I got when I went inside. I entered and felt the same feeling, but this time stronger. I looked and saw the same dad, a son, a daughter, a granddaughter, and two grandma’s. It use to be three people. But now its the whole family. I asked the lady and she happily gave me water and offered food. I told her what happened, so that she doesn’t think I just want free stuff. She smiled and told me I’m just like her granddaughter. I smiled and was thankful I give off the same feeling as her granddaughter who gives out the feeling of warmth and kindness. It made me really happy:) The dad asked about why my dad shut down his company, I was surprised he remembered me. Last time I went in there I was fatter, shorter, and uglier. I told him the story of my dad, and he responded with a small prayer and an advice that said “God loves good people, and your dad is good, so everything will be good.” He smiled and everyone else nodded there heads and smiled. I looked at the dad and smiled. I didnt know what to say. He was right, if youre good than good will come to you. Its easy as that. I walked back and was on my phone, I sent a video telling my friends I got lost when I was walking to the restaurant, so some of them asked if I need help. I smiled, everything was done, the car is about to be fixed, and I’m safe and sound. If I checked my phone earlier than I wouldn’t have learnt all these things but because I didnt, I learned two huge lessons. “God always has a plan and what seems good can be bad and what seems bad can be good” and the other lesson is, “Choices will make us who we are and love will always be the answer”. While I was driving back home I remember looking at the sky and thinking, “Damn what an amazing day it was!” Who knew that car breaking down would be this great hahaha.:)

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