Our ultimate goal in life is to be happy right? The problem to most people is “how?”. “How can I be happy? How WILL I be happy?” Everyone defines happiness in their own way. What most people don’t know though is that happiness isn’t a destination. It’s not “Once I do this I’ll be happy!”, “When I go there I’ll be happy!” “When I have this I’ll be happy!” No bruh, it’s not that. Happiness isn’t a place, person, or thing. In other words happiness isn’t a noun. Actually….happiness is a noun. Hmmmmm….we have a problem here. UGHHHHHHH!!!!! Wait actually…..we’re not trying to be “happiness” , we’re trying to be “happy”. Happy is an adjective:) That works better haha. Okay so my point is, whatever situation you’re in, add that adjective to it.
“College is too hard, I hate exams, but hey IM HAPPY! I’m one step closer to my dream!” You just need to play this game, adding that adjective to every situation you’re in. When you do that, you will become the noun version of happy. Happiness will be within you. You won’t be looking for it anymore, you will be it. That’s the ultimate destination.
I’m not trying to say that 24/7 you have to be happy. It’s okay to cry, be sad, get angry, and hate some stuff. That’s normal! That’s what makes us human:) However in life our goal is to be the best version of ourselves. To do that we have to overcome so many obstacles that life throws at us. Obstacles, challenges, and problems tend to change us. Either to the worse or best, it’s about what we choose to be. That’s why it’s important to know that happiness is within us, choosing to be happy is in our hands. We can’t tell life to let us be happy, we have to choose to be happy:) Always choose to be happy though, because everyone deserves to be happy. Know that everyone is trying to be happy, don’t look down on others because you don’t know the battle they’re going through. Let people see happiness within you and teach others to find happiness within themselves. It’s a battle everyone’s fighting.
Well thank you for reading! I hope this helped and motivated some people:) I wish the best to everyone and if you have any problems and want to talk feel free to ask for help on the comments and we can take it from there:) Also feel free to comment or ask any questions. Thank you and have a great day:)!

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