What is it like to fall in love? There are many answers to that question. But I’ll answer it simply. To me, food is my only true love. Why? It makes me happy and keeps me alive. Simple. However, if I eat too much, in other words more than I have to, I gain weight. Which affects my body and my looks. However if I eat healthy I’ll be healthy and look good. I’ll be able to fight diseases easily. I’ll be stronger. My mood will be better. That’s why food is my true love. It helps me grow and if I give up on it or mess up my diet it it also teaches me a lesson by affecting my body however, if I decide to diet again and be healthy my body will also go back to being healthy and strong. Of course the love for food won’t always be the same as the romantic love we’re looking for because food is actually always there for us. Unlike guys and girls that leave and never come back smh. My point is…..love should help you grow. If it’s not making you grow then it’s not true. Simple as that. Oh wait!!!!! You need to be happy too! Obviously let’s be realistic you won’t always be happy….just like vegetables they don’t always make you happy however they are one of the best stuff in life. So make sure the love you’re seeking is a love that will make you happy and better at the same time:) After writing this I think I’ll reward myself with some sushi:) My true love sushi……


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